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A ceramic surface of distinctive sensations
Avant-garde, knowledge and sustainability
Stages in a history that requires us to evolve, relentlessly.
LA FENICE has been operating for 25 years in Sassuolo ceramic area, which is the world’s most important forge for creativity, innovation technology and product quality. We started as tile retailers and, since 2013, we are also tile producers. Our collections and distinctive designs, anticipate the trends of contemporary living, and rank us among the most appreciated Italian commercial and manufacturing industries.
Today La Fenice is the point of reference for a new generation of companies that combine flexibility, quality and service, with a highly competitive sales concept aimed at a demanding and qualified clientele.
Source of a ceramic tradition recognized throughout the world, “La Fenice” consolidates its success thanks to a serious and dynamic commercial strategy aimed at achieving the highest quality and service standards.


Our design idea
Each ceramic surface arises from an investigation around the feelings and sensations that the materials we surround
ourselves with know how to convey.

We observe how taste trends evolve and try to satisfy market demands in a timely manner. Ours is a distinctive but accessible design, easy to be interpreted and – above all – to live: every day, anywhere in the world.

Look and technologies
From wood to metal, from stone to concrete, we offer all the trendy effects in different ceramic technologies. The large number of sizes, decorative kits and finishes dedicated to outdoor flooring complete and make our collections versatiles.

The showroom
The showroom inside the Casalgrande headquarters was established in 2013 and was expanded at the end of 2020, with the addition of an exhibition area dedicated to the most recent collections. A real atelier where what we exhibit is only the premise of something else, still to be created.



Culture of ceramic material
Step by step, we have grown to become a manufacturing company, gaining a deep knowledge of the ceramic materials and the markets.
An applied industrial 4.0 model
Inaugurated in June 2019, the production plant is an applied industrial 4.0 model, built from scratch with an investment of over 40 million euros.
Designed and built according to stringent criteria of safety, competitiveness and attention to the environment, it has three production lines with the latest generation digital decorators, two ovens, a grinding surface and brushing system.
Avant-garde production
We consider the technical and aesthetic quality of the products and the rigor and sustainability of the production processes to be absolute imperatives. All the collections are conceived and designed in Italy and 100% of the porcelain stoneware in the catalog is produced in Italy; the wall tiles are produced by La Fenice Iberia.
Reliability and responsiveness
La Fenice Ceramics Group has almost 3,500 customers in 104 countries and turnover of over 90 million euros in 2020; the Bondeno plant produces 7.5 of the more than 10 million square meters of tiles that the Group sells every year.



We have objectives, not goals: stages in a history that requires us to evolve, relentlessly.


People, first of all.
We have always put people at the center of our way of doing business, and we will continue to do so.

We believe in teamwork and in an idea of collaborative leadership. We have built our history, made up of initiative, taste and concreteness, that is entirely Emilian, on the skills, talents and creativity of each.


The ceramic is made with exclusively natural raw materials, such as clays, sands, feldspars and kaolins, among the main components of the earth’s crust. This is why it is a recyclable and eco-sustainable material. By building the Bondeno (MN) plant from scratch, we also wanted the production process to be modelled on ecocompatibility criteria.


Over the years, the use of the most advanced technologies has always found fertile ground in a well-established ceramic culture, where people and their talents make a significant difference. Dynamism, aesthetic taste, creativity and passion for high-quality products and services project us towards a future that is increasingly attentive to the sustainability of production processes.