“La Fenice” has been operating for over 20 years at the heart of the world’s leading ceramic district and is among the most prestigious and respected businesses in Italy. Today, “La Fenice” is a benchmark for a whole new generation of companies that combine flexibility, quality and service with a highly competitive sales concept aimed at a demanding, knowledgeable customer base. Market leader in DIY, the company has earned the praise and admiration of the top international retail chains. A superbly efficient logistics network enables “la Fenice” to supply customers just when they need the goods, thus saving them from having to pay warehousing costs and guaranteeing a scrupulously efficient and timely service, based on precision and specialised skills.
Style, quality and ceramic tradition are the key features of the rich variety of cuttingedge products on offer, designed to guarantee flexible, innovative solutions for all sectors within the building industry. La Fenice produces a complete range of articles, comprising all the technologies currently required by markets: single-fired red, white, coloured and full body tiles and glazed fine porcelain stoneware. Our range also includes a huge collection of white and red body double fired tiles in various sizes: from 15×15 to 30×90 rectified. All the materials boast superb technical and aesthetic characteristics as well as a wide product range including different types, special trims, accessories and various sizes. Each “la Fenice” series is designed to be used in contemporary living spaces, in line with classic or modern lifestyles, as well as fully compliant with the strictest European regulations currently in force
With a world-renowned ceramics tradition at its back, “La Fenice” continues to build its success on a properly thought-out, dynamic commercial strategy aimed at providing the highest possible levels of quality and service. Unfailingly attentive to the evolution of the market, the company invests massively in research, keeping one step ahead of trends and customers’ changing tastes and guaranteeing constant innovation with regard to the quality and aesthetics of the materials used. All this is designed to maintain and strengthen the faith in the company’s products that have earned “la Fenice” so many loyal customers the world over.

“La Fenice” means beauty and reliability, quality and design and now also tiles for internal and external use. In fact the usual concept of living the internal surfaces has now evolved outside the domestic wall, by proposing a new and qualifying concept of ceramic surface. Not only unquestionable precious and beautiful tiles for internal use, but now, also floor tiles for external use, extremely resistant and time-proof, indicated for both private and public use. The present catalogue has been enriched with a wide range of products which, thanks to their high technical performances and to their style, represent the best solution for external use. Of great interest and top selling at the moment is collection Arkistar thickness 20 mm, which joins a great resistance to loadings and solicitations to many different ways of use. Laying of these tiles may be made with the traditional glue or directly by dry laying on bulk, sand, grass or gravel indeed, depending from the personal needs.